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Soundproof Bed and Soundproof Sleeping Pod

soundproof sleeping pod and bed

Looking for a peaceful area to sleep, but nowhere appears calm and quiet enough for a healthier sleep routine? Try out a soundproof sleeping pod, and you’ll be able to block out all of the noise from your surroundings.

As the name suggests, soundproof sleeping beds shut out all the outside noise so that you can sleep better without any disturbance. Even though soundproof bedding is a relatively new idea in the market, it quickly gained a loyal fan base because of its users’ comfort and convenience.

If you are interested in buying such a soundproof bed, you are at the right place. Here, we have discussed these pods and beds in detail and listed some of the best soundproof bedding available in the market to buy the best one is much easier than before.

Do Soundproof Bed Or Soundproof Sleeping Pods Really Work?

Even though the concept of a soundproof sleeping pod seems unrealistic, in reality, it works to a great extent. These types of sleeping arrangements are specially made to block sound and help you to sleep well. They use several modern and practical techniques to suppress any kind of sound from the surroundings reaching your ears so that you can relax and rest better than ever. 

But then again, you must remember that soundproof sleeping beds or soundproof sleeping pods do not eliminate external sounds altogether. They can reduce the external noise to a desirable level to provide you a comfortable sleeping environment.

Moreover, aside from controlling sound, soundproof sleeping chambers can also control temperature, light and offer overall protection so that you can sleep like a baby every time you use them.

The Best Soundproof Sleeping Beds That Actually Works

Soundproof sleeping compartments are are not cheap. If you want to buy a soundproof sleeping pod, you have to cut deep into your pocket. And as they are such high-end products, you should research the market carefully before making any purchase decision.

Below, we have reviewed the top 2 soundproof sleeping beds available in the market so that it’s easier for you to find the right soundproof sleeping chamber for you.

1. Best Wireless-Controlled: The Tranquility Pod

If you are sleep-deprived and want to relax and sleep better, don’t hesitate to invest your money in the Tranquility Pod- it is genuinely the best sleeping pod in the market. Even though this soundproof pod comes with a high price tag, it is worth every penny you spent.

tranquality soundproof sleeping pod

Specifications and Key-Features:

  • Dimension: 78″ Diam. x 42″ H
  • Opening: 76″-diam.
  • Weight: 350 lbs.
  • Electricity powered
  • 80-Watt 4 built-in speakers
  • 50 LED Lights
  • Waterbed temperature: 85° F -90° F

Being true to its name and nature, this sleeping pod can reduce outside noise successfully so that you can enjoy a tranquil state of relaxation whenever needed. It’s handcrafted with fiberglass; this soundproof sleeping compartment can block 90% of the unnecessary sound from the surrounding. Moreover, to reduce stress and enhance your sleep quality, this Tranquility Pod uses gentle vibration [generated through the system’s subwoofer] and soothing music so that you can loosen up quickly and relax like never before.

That’s not all. This extraordinary sleeping pod also uses a biofeedback system with a pulse sensor that synchronizes your heartbeat with the built-in LED lights for a more calming and relaxing sensation. The most exciting part about this lighting is that you can control and customize it according to your mood and create an ambiance that best suits your mood.

While incorporating all these modern relaxing and sleep-improving features, the makers didn’t forget about the comfort factor. And that’s why they installed an octagonal waterbed with a memory foam cushion and ultra-suede-top to offer incredible comfort and relaxation to the users. This comfy bed is accompanied by two equally cushy ultra-suede pillows for an even better feeling.

Features We Love

  • Highly advanced in design
  • Durable
  • Controlled entirely with smartphone or iPad
  • Comes with a wide opening for convenience

A Few Drawbacks

  • Expensive
  • Requires a bit of space for setup
  • Runs on electricity

2. Best for Small Apartments: Podtime Ultra Soundproof Sleeping Bed

Not all soundproof sleeping pods are made large and space consuming. There are some soundproof sleeping chambers available in the market that are compact yet effective. And the Podtime Ultra is one of them. This soundproof capsule is tiny and tight and can be placed even in a small apartment or office effortlessly. But then again, even though this sleeping compartment is compact, it can successfully suppress outside noise and help you sleep tight whenever and wherever you want.

Podtime Ultra Soundproof Sleeping Bed

Specifications and Key-Features:

  • Dimension (W x H x L): 47¼” x 52″ x 91¾”
  • Electricity powered
  • Top and sides opening sliding door
  • Gentle pull & lock door mechanism
  • Natural External Lights

And how does it reduce outside noise? This especially sleeping pod used a supermodular solid construction that can successfully block outside sound to a great extent and provide you a very calm and quiet sleeping environment. Because there is no hustle and bustle from the environment, you can sleep peacefully in the Podtime for as long as you want.

Aside from the sound blocking feature, this soundproof capsule bed also offers extraordinary comfort to the users for better sleep. It is decked with a premium PolyUrethane Vinyl upholstery interior mattress to provide incredible cushioning while you sleep- you won’t feel any ache or uncomfortableness when you sleep inside this capsule.

Another exciting thing about this Podtime Ultra soundproof capsule is that it comes with both flat and S-curved bed profiles. These profiles allow you to rest in any position you want without causing any problems to your back.

Podtime Ultra also ensured enough ventilation in this sleeping capsule to not feel suffocated or uncomfortable while sleeping inside it. The natural ventilation system, along with the ample space, gives you enough room to breathe and feel calm.

Features We Love

  • Excellent value for money
  • Compact in size and easy to use
  • Built to last and highly versatile
  • Ideal to use in workplace, hospital and anywhere else

A Few Drawbacks

  • No pillows for additional comfort
  • No temperature or light control system
  • It might feel suffocating as the door closes completely

What Are The Alternatives?

As soundproof sleeping beds and soundproof sleeping pods use modern technologies to block external noise, they come with a super expensive price tag, which might not be in the range of many potential buyers. And that’s why it is natural for these buyers to look for effective alternatives at a lower price that will help them sleep like a baby without cutting deep into their pocket.

Let’s find out an alternative to soundproof sleeping beds and discuss it in detail to better understand it.

Cheaper Alternatives to a Sleep Pod

If you don’t want to spend a moolah for sound sleep, then try this canopy tent is just the right one. In fact, it is considered to be the closest alternative to an actual soundproof sleeping pod or bed. It is cozy, has heavy drapes around [this drape controls the outside noise], and comfortable- just the right environment for a peaceful sleeping routine.

Specifications and Key-Features:

  • Dimension (LxWxH): 80” x 60” x 47”
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs.
  • Color: Charcoal
  • Draping material: 100% Polyester
  • Size: Queen
  • Fold-able
  • Fire resistant

Alvantor used 100% Polyester fabric to drape this sleeping tent because of obvious reasons. This heavy fabric can reduce outside noise by several notches so that they don’t disturb you as much, and you can have a night of better sleep than before.

Moreover, as this tent fabric is heavy and dark-colored, it doesn’t let the light pass through and disturb you during your resting period. Without the outside sound and light, you can sleep like a baby inside this canopy tent and wake up fully rested.

Even though the tent blocks sound perfect, the fabric is breathable with 2 mesh windows. These aspects allow you to breathe effortlessly even inside the tent and feel calm and relaxed always. Because of such factors, you won’t feel asphyxiated while resting or sleeping.

Features We Love

  • A super budget-friendly price tag
  • Available in different size 
  • Comes with a hanging hook and pockets 
  • Convenience
  • Extremely easy to tie and untie
  • Incredible durability 

A Few Drawbacks

  • No mattress included
  • Doesn’t come with legs

Is It Worth Buying A Soundproof Bed/Pod?

If you have the means to buy a soundproof sleeping bed, then it’s worth the price. We are saying this because this bedding arrangement helps you relax and sleep better than ever, making you more energetic and calmer in your everyday life.

Moreover, when you have such a tranquil and peaceful sleeping routine with mild vibrations, you will feel dynamic and healthy. This will increase your efficiency and enhance your mood. A better sleeping pattern also improves your beauty.

Therefore, if you are willing to spend such a high amount of money on a soundproof sleeping chamber, we suggest you go for it. This would be a life-changing experience for you.

But then again, you can always soundproof your bedroom instead. Which allows you to block outside noise effectively without incarcerating in a chamber.

blocking noise with finger

Things To Consider Before Buying A Soundproof Sleeping Pod

Soundproof sleeping beds and soundproof sleeping pods are not any regular products. These sleeping arrangements are modern tools with an expensive price tag.  And that’s why you must keep in mind a few things so that you can enjoy a calm and comfortable sleep routine without any regret.

Bed Type

Soundproof beds usually are of two types, one with closed doors and the other without a door. If you feel suffocated or uncomfortable inside a capsule, then go for the ones without doors. However, it would be a wise decision to try out both types before making your purchase decision.

Bed Size

In addition to bed type, the bed size also matters when it comes to soundproof beds or pods. As these sleeping pods and beds are intended for both home and office use, you have to consider your available space and bed size. While a big, spacious soundproof bed is perfect for home use, you should get a compact pod one for your workplace.

Comfort Level

Not all soundproof sleeping beds and pods come with comfortable, cozy mattresses. While some include top-notch bedding surfaces, others have just the ordinary ones. Check the comfort level of the bed and the cushions while you are buying your ultimate soundproof bed.

Wrapping Up

Getting sound sleep is essential. A perfect sleep regimen not only makes you feel fresh but also improves your health significantly. And what could be better than a soundproof sleeping surface for you if you have a hectic, busy life?

Well, nothing. And that’s why you must try out any of the soundproof sleeping beds and soundproof sleeping pods discussed above for your relaxation and tranquillity. We can assure you that you won’t regret your purchase.

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