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Countertop Ice Maker: 7 Quietest Tabletop Ice Maker

You’re a cocktail aficionado? You have a small kitchen? You’re a die-hard camper?

You need ice cubes for indoor or outdoor events for sure. A portable countertop ice maker can makes several pounds of ice to take the final taste of drink. But for your sanity and convenience you must need a quiet, professional grade tabletop ice maker machine.

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However, as you are here, buying the quietest ice machine won’t be a problem anymore. This is because, in this article, we have not only talked about the feature to look for but also listed the top quietest ice makers available in the market so that buying the right one could never feel any easier.


FREE VILLAGE HZB-12/C Ice Maker Machine

  • Super quick and quiet
  • Upgraded compressor
  • Lightweight and portable
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  • Super quick and quiet
  • Upgraded compressor
  • Lightweight and portable
Smallest And Quiet

Northair Portable Ice Maker

  • Smart LED control panel
  • Different sized bullet ice cubes
  • 26 Lbs of ice in a day
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  • Smart LED control panel
  • Different sized bullet ice cubes
  • 26 Lbs of ice in a day
Powerful And Quick

FREE VILLAGE HZB-12/B Ice Maker Machine

  • Durable and fast ice
  • Powerful & energy efficient
  • 26.5 Lbs of ice daily
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  • Durable and fast ice
  • Powerful & energy efficient
  • 26.5 Lbs of ice daily

What Is The Quietest Ice Maker For Countertop Use?

The market is full of countertop ice makers. However, not all of them serve the “quietness” feature precisely. The FREE VILLAGE Ice Maker is the quietest model among the under-counter ice makers available in the market today.

1. Quietest: FREE VILLAGE HZB-12/C Ice Maker Machine

FREE VILLAGE Countertop Ice Maker Machine

If quietness is your main concern, then don’t think twice before buying this Ice Maker from the very popular FREE VILLAGE. This amazing countertop ice machine makes less than 35 dB of sound while forming ice [which is extremely quiet], and hence, doesn’t disturb your peace while operating.

In addition to its quietness another feature that makes it just the right one for your tabletop is its sleek design and size. With a dimension of 13.89 x 9.53 x 13 inches, it is small and compact enough to sit on any counter without any difficulties. Moreover, as this ice maker also weighs less [weighs about16.75 lbs.], you can carry it effortlessly with you and enjoy an icy cool drink anywhere and everywhere you go. Also, because of its compact size, you can store it easily in any place you want.

Furthermore, as you don’t need any direct water line attachment, it adds even more to the portability feature subsequently. 

Another aspect of this machine that helps it to stand in the crowd is LCD screen controls. Using just a few buttons and presses, you can make ice in it-hassle-free and effortless.

This quiet ice maker is capable of producing 26 lbs. of bullet-shaped ice daily to make sure that you are never in lack of it in times of need.

Reviews Of The Quietest Countertop Ice Maker

We have also discussed some of the other quietest ice makers that you should know about in order to buy the best one for you.

2. Smallest And Quiet: Northair Portable Ice Maker

Northair Portable Ice Maker

When you love to travel during the hot summer, nothing can be a better companion for you than this Portable Ice Maker from Northair. It is extremely lightweight [weighs 18.68 lbs.] and compact [13.9 x 9.5 x 13 inches], and therefore, can be carried around with you easily. With this quiet ice maker machine, you can have icy cool drinks anytime you want.

Aside from the outside, this ice-making machine is also incredible for home or office use. As it is incredibly silent [produces around 38dB of sound], this tool will form ice even without you noticing. Because of its quietness, you can also make ice at night without waking your baby or others from sleep.

The quality of the ice it makes is also fantastic. This quiet portable ice maker produces different sized bullet-shaped ice, small (0.8” x 1.0”) and large (1.0” x 1.2”), for versatility. Make any sized ice quietly and enjoy your summer drinks to the fullest. It is capable of producing 9 cubes of ice every 6 minutes for your convenience.

One interesting fact about this tool is its self-cleaning feature. It doesn’t matter if you clean it or not, this machine will clean itself and be fresh always.

One slight drawback of this ice machine is that it is not available in other large-size options. Even though it is just perfect for a small gathering or a small family, it won’t be the right one to satisfy large crowds.

3. Powerful And Quick: FREE VILLAGE HZB-12/B Ice Maker Machine

FREE VILLAGE HZB-12/B Ice Maker Machine

Another of our favorite quiet ice maker machines from FREE VILLAGE is this HZB-12/B Ice Maker. It ended up on our list because it is extremely powerful and makes ice super quickly. Using its 1PH motor, this machine can produce 9 pieces of ice in just 6 minutes and meets all your icing demands promptly. Also, because of its high-efficiency motor, this machine makes more ice in a day [26.5 lbs.] than many of its competitors and keeps you always ready for the day.

Moreover, even though it’s extremely powerful, this countertop ice-forming machine is extraordinarily quiet. With a sound level of 35 dB, this tool allows you to make ice peacefully without making any loud noise.

FREE VILLAGE also incorporated smart sensors in this home improvement tool for ease of use. It is equipped with different sensors to operate the machine effectively. In addition to easy operation, the smart features also automatically stop the tool when it is done with making the ice. 

Moving on, an interesting aspect of this countertop ice maker is that it gives you the freedom to choose the ice size. As you can choose from large and small-size bullet ice, you can make the ones that suit your needs the most.

One thing about this ice-making machine that you might not like is that it is available only in one color option unlike many of its competitors.

4. Quiet And Smart: WATOOR Portable Ice Maker Machine

WATOOR Portable Ice Maker Machine

This quiet WATOOR Portable Ice Maker Machine is the smart choice for your tabletop. This quiet countertop ice maker makes ice effectively and quickly. Moreover, with a 38 dB noise level, it serves the purpose of “quietness” better than the others.

Another feature that makes it stand in the crowd is its Advanced Infrared sensor technology. This modern technology makes alluring bullet-shaped ice cubes automatically in cycles so that you don’t have to worry about it.

In addition to the smart technology, WATOOR also used a Smart Design in this quiet countertop ice machine for the convenience of its users. It incorporates a clean control panel with labeled buttons to make it extremely easier for you to make ice at your home. This tool also has LED indicator lights placed on the top that blinks in times of need, like when the ice is formed or the machine needs more water.

This extraordinary ice maker is energy-saving. It can make 26lbs. ice in 24 hours [9 cubes per 8 minutes], and keep you always loaded with ice. 

It is available in more than a few different models- you can pick the one that suits your interior the best.

With a dimension of ‎14.6 x 13.4 x 10.4 inches, this ice-making machine would look great on your kitchen countertop anyday.

Unlike many of its close competitors, you have to clean this ice maker manually. This might take time and effort as well.

5. Different Size Options: ADT Copper Countertop Ice Maker

ADT Copper Countertop Ice Maker

It’s not always that you would want a compact countertop ice maker for your home. Often you might want to buy a bigger one for your kitchen. And the Copper Countertop Ice Maker from ADT offers you just that- it provides size options so that you can choose just the right one according to your kitchen size and needs. While the regular one produces 26 lbs. of ice, the large size makes 44 lbs. in a day.

Moving on, let’s talk about its quietness. This quiet countertop ice-forming machine produces 38 dB of running sound to make sure it is nearly noiseless and doesn’t disturb the tranquility of the space.

However, even though it’s quiet, it possesses an efficient and powerful compressor for incredible refrigeration capability. Combined with a heat dissipation coefficient, this compressor keeps the machine cool to produce high-quality, bullet-shaped ice quickly. It also has a unique rear cooling system to release hot air promptly and keep the machine cool always.

One more aspect of this stainless steel ice machine you would absolutely love is that it is self-cleaning- after each session, it would clean itself precisely so that you don’t have to worry about cleansing it regularly.

6. Best Budget Friendly: SOOPYK Countertop Ice Maker

SOOPYK Countertop Ice Maker

Budget-friendly options are not bad, and this SOOPYK Countertop Ice Maker Machine is the proof. Even though it comes with an affordable price tag, this ice-making machine is super quiet, makes ice quicker, and also has more production limits than many others in the market.

Let’s start with its quiet operation. This countertop ice-making machine makes less than 38dB of noise while operating to ensure a serene and quiet surrounding. Because of its nearly noiseless operation, you can also use this tool in hospitals and offices effectively.

Another advantage of this tool is that it makes ice rocket fast despite its noise-less nature. SOOPYK used a powerful brand compressor and High heat conduction evaporator in this machine that forms the highest 9 pieces of bullet ice in just 5 minutes. With this ice maker, you don’t have to wait for hours to enjoy a cold drink.

It not only makes ice quickly but also offers a large production capacity in a day. Making 27 lbs. of ice cubes in 24 hours, it is one of the highest ice-producing countertop ice machines available in the market right now among this price range.

Besides all its benefits, this incredible ice-forming machine is also energy-efficient and saves power greatly. This 100W low-power sonic machine uses lower electricity and hence, saves your money while saving energy too.

7. Two Ways To Add Water: COOLHOME 2 in 1 Water Ice Maker

COOLHOME 2 in 1 Water Ice Maker

If budget is not a matter of concern yet you want the best and most efficient ice maker in the market, then this 2 in 1 Water Ice Maker from COOLHOME is the one for you. This countertop ice-making machine has some extraordinary features to make your summer parties even more fun and delightful.

To begin with, this countertop ice machine is super quiet. It makes just 38 dB of noise while operating, which isn’t disturbing at all.

This machine also makes a large quantity of ice at a time for your convenience. Using a superior compressor it can make 24 crystal clear square ice cubes per cycle [cycle duration depends on cube size] and produce the highest of 44 lbs. of ice in a day. With such a huge quantity, you wouldn’t have to worry about serving a large crowd. The produced cubes are hard and would melt off quickly.

This ice tool also allows you to make ice according to your needs. From small, medium, and large, you have the freedom to choose just the one you want.

One exceptional feature of this kitchen appliance is that it offers you the opportunity to add water in 2 different ways for better convenience. You can use either a water storage tank or barreled water according to your needs and ease.

Due to the higher capacity, this noise-less ice maker is a bit large [‎17.3 x 15.7 x 11.8 inches] and would take more space on your counter. 

Features To Look For When Buying A Quiet Countertop Ice Maker

Buying a quiet countertop ice maker is easy, only if you know what to look for in it. Let’s discuss the features you need to consider before buying a ice maker for your countertop.

Noise Level

As you are looking for a quiet countertop ice maker, the amount of noise your machine makes is extremely important. While the human ear can hear up to 140dB of sound, you shouldn’t buy an ice maker as noisy. Such high sound can cause of the annoyance, even can damage your ears and cause additional health issues as well.

When choosing a quiet ice-making machine, make sure that its operating noise level doesn’t cross 40dB. Sound level below 40dB is considered as quiet as they don’t disturb the environment or your tranquility at all.

Production Rate

Even though it’s a quiet ice maker, the noise level isn’t the only thing that you must look for when buying one for yourself. Before getting the ultimate countertop ice maker for your home, check its production rate and speed as well. If you don’t have to serve a crowd regularly, then a regular tool with 25-26 lbs. of daily ice production capacity would be best for you.

However, when you have a big family or you host a party in your place every now and then, getting a bigger ice machine with an increased production rate (like- COOLHOME 2 in 1 Water Ice Maker) would be a great choice to make. 

Also, look for an efficient compressor. It not only keeps the interior of the ice maker cold for a long time but also boosts the speed of each ice-making cycle greatly.

Size And Weight Matter

Don’t forget to consider the size of the countertop ice-making machine before making your buying decision. Even though the size largely depends on the production rate of the ice, you still need to check it precisely. This is because the size of the tool and the free space on your counter are directly related. If you don’t have as much space on the counter, getting a regular-sized one is advisable. 

However, when you have the luxury of space over the counter, you can buy a large machine with an increased production rate easily. 

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is important. As you are making a whole lot of ice daily, it will cost you greatly if the ice maker is not energy-saving. Before buying a quiet ice-making machine for your home use, make sure that it’s energy-efficient to not only contribute to the environment but also to save power and money as well.

Type Of Refrigerant

Although the type of refrigerant isn’t visible and many don’t pay attention to it, but you should consider its type before buying your ultimate ice making machine. The type of refrigerant gas not only determines the efficiency of the ice maker but also ensures yours as well as the environment safety.

While ice makers use a variety of refrigerants in their system, you should look for the one that comes with eco friendly and non flammable gas like R-404A.

Additional Features

Additional features like an LCD display panel, self-cleaning mechanism, and ice bucket and scoop make ice making even more fun and easy. Look for these aspects when shopping for a quiet ice maker. Even though they do not affect the ice forming process or the noise level directly, they sure will make it easier for you to use the machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Power Does A Countertop Ice Maker Use?

The power used by a countertop ice maker largely depends on its size and other specifications. On an average this type of ice making machines use 100-160 watts of power to run consistently. Also, as like as other electrical appliances, it use higher power when starting.

In generally, the rated voltage of a countertop ice maker machine is 120V and 60Hz.

Another thing about the power consumption of an ice maker is that the compressor uses most of the power. And, as the compressor doesn’t always run, this machine can form ice without wasting a lot of power and energy as well and keep your electricity bills low.

countertop ice maker plug

How Long Does Your Countertop Ice Maker Lasts?

The lifespan of an countertop ice making machine greatly depends on how you use and maintain it. With proper maintenance and care, your quiet ice maker can last at least 7+ years, and make ice cubes precisely.

How To Clean Your Countertop Ice Maker?

Most countertop ice makers incorporate a self-cleaning feature. This extraordinary feature cleans the machine on its own automatically and is always ready for the next ice forming session.

However, if it doesn’t have any self-cleaning feature, you have to clean the tool yourself. For the cleaning, remove all the ice from the bucket and take it out. Then, wipe off the interior with a diluted solution and let it dry. Don’t forget to wash the bucket too.

Put the ice bucket back in the machine, and voila, you have a cleaner tool to make fresh ice cubes again. 

And as for the exterior of the machine, wiping it with a damp towel will do the work. Then again, if the dirt on the outside is too stubborn, smear a bit of mild cleaner on a towel [such as the Aunt Fannie’s All Purpose Cleaning Vinegar] and then wipe it off for a glistening surface.

Final Words On The Quietest Countertop Ice Maker

A quiet countertop ice maker makes your life easy- there is no doubt about that. However, if you don’t get to buy just the right one, it will most definitely hamper the peace of your kitchen and disturb your party. And therefore, it is important to keep in mind the above considerations. The buying guide, as well as the best product, will help you to bring home the perfect one for your needs.

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