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Quietest Hunting Boots: Most Quiet And Comfortable Boots For Hunting

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While you are hunting in the forest, any noise will send your prey running. Unfortunately, your hunting boots will be the usual culprit.

With extremely quiet hunting boots, you will be at an advantage which will increase chances of landing a trophy. Your silent stalking shoes will be useless if they are uncomfortable. So it is very important that you do some research and get quiet hunting boots.

There are many boots that pack the necessary features for hunting quietly. Naturally choosing the best one may be confusing. In this article, we have selected the best 7 quiet hunting boots available on the market. As you know about them, you can go on to select which suits you need the best.

Best Overall: Lacrosse Men’s AeroHead Sport 16″ 3.5MM Waterproof Hunting Boot
  • A unique combination of spandex and Lycra is layered over neoprene for extra durability.
  • Not only does this create a more comfortable waterproof boot, it can easily be rolled down to keep you cooler when the temperature rises and dry quicker when it’s time to take them off.
  • Quick drying and moisture wicking, our jersey knit liner will keep your feet dry and comfortable.
Best for Elk Hunting: Danner Men’s Vital 8″ Waterproof 1200G Hunting Shoe
  • Abrasion resistant leather and textile upper
  • Danner Dry waterproof protection
  • Thinsulate Ultra Insulation
  • Molded, open-cell PU footbed
  • Danner Vital outsole provides grip on moss, rock and slick surfaces
Best for Warm Weather: Guide Gear Hunting Boots for Men Waterproof Country Pursuit 9″
  • TOASTY WARMTH: Mud boots for men keep you warm and dry during your hunting activity. Don’t let the cold prevent you from scoring.
  • DRY FEET PROTECTION: Mens boots waterproof are designed to be water resistant. Boot membrane features tiny pores that keep large waterproof molecules from getting in while allowing much smaller vapor molecules to escape.
  • BREATHABLE COMFORT: Men’s rain boots may be tough, but cushion you with comfort along the way. Boots contain OrthoLite open-cell foam insoles that are comfortable, breathable, moisture-wicking & resistant to compression.
  • HUNT W/ CONFIDENCE: Hunter boots men feature camo design to support your hunting experience & to keep you focused on the game. Strong durable leather & water blocking technology means less distractions & more strategy.
  • TOASTY WARMTH: Mud boots for men keep you warm and dry during your hunting activity. Don’t let the cold prevent you from scoring.

1. Best Overall: Lacrosse AeroHead Hunting Waterproof Boot

The 16″ AeroHead Sport best, most quiet hunting boots in our list. Thanks to Patented AeroForm technology construction of AeroHead Sport, you can take your stalking game to the next level.  

How does AeroForm technology make these LaCrosse boots silent? The bootie of AeroHead Sport has a polyurethane outer shell and neoprene core. With thick polyurethane at the midsole, the rubber treaded Aero outsole becomes pliable. Extra cushioning comfort of an EVA footbed also absorbs shocks so that your steps are silent. You can slip these boots on for all-day hikes to deer stands and bird hunting. 

The lightweight, flexible polyurethane shell also conforms to the shape of your feet. Active Fit offers ankle support to prevent slipping at the heels. With the adjustable gusset, you can comfortably accommodate any calf size. This way your complete focus can be on quietly approaching a wary game. 

To stalk big game on rugged terrain, AeroHead Sport supports your arches too. In fact, the polypropylene shank extends the entire length of these boots! 

At 4.8 lbs, AeroHead Sport isnt too big or bulky. The outsole will continuously shed muck that collects underneath so that you are lighter and agile on your feet. This makes these boots ideal for  spot-and-stalk hunts.  

These knee-boots are completely waterproof so that you are dry, comfortable, and silent everywhere. A 3.5 mm lining of neoprene offers insulation upto to -10 degrees fahrenheit. For harsher cold climates, however, thick woolen socks are needed.  

Complete with rubber’s scent protection on a camouflage outlook, these AeroHead Sport boots are perfect for your silent hunting approach.

2. Best For Elk Hunting: Danner Vital 1200G Hunting Shoe For Men

Danner Vital 1200G Hunting Shoe for Men

The next quiet hunting boots we will review today are the 1200G Vital Hunting Boots from Danner. These lightweight, rugged gaiters are perfect for avid hunters who like to be on the move. 

With a leather upper, Danner Vital boots wont squeak like their rubber counterparts. On close proximity bush stalks, you will appreciate the quiet but easily adjustable Danner Vital laces on these boots. Known as Lock and Load Lacing, you will enjoy optimal ankle support on a tight and secure boot fit. 

Your footsteps will crunch on fallen leaves if there is no cushioning to deaden the sound. Danner Vital uses a Plyolite midsole and PU footbed to offer comfortable underfoot cushioning and soften your steps.  By keeping away fatigue, these quiet boots will encourage you to take on those long hikes without any worry. 

For side hilling, your feet need extra support. On these stalker Danner Vitals, this is offered by a flexible nylon shank and internal foam panels. 

1200G insulation means these boots are built for cold weather. This does not compromise the traction of the Vital outsole. In fact, the lugs will not become very stiff or hard to walk on so that you lose the ability to sneak up on game. 

These stalking boots also feature the high-quality Danner Dry waterproof/breathable membrane. The waterproofing will hold up to offer all-day dryness and comfort. However, avoid deeper water bodies as water and natural elements may get in through the boot opening of these 8” boots. 

All these features do not make Danner Vital boots heavy or bulky. You can enjoy lightweight comfort and stealth on those steeper, rugged mountain terrains.

3. Best For Warm Weather: Guide Gear Country Pursuit Men’s Hunting Boots

Guide Gear Country Pursuit Men’s Hunting Boots

Are you looking for a pair of quiet hunting boots fit for every season, no matter how you hunt? Look no further because the Country Pursuit boots from Guide Gear meet these requirements!

For spotting and stalking your hunt, you need boots that are quiet to walk in. Guide Gear has used the cushioning materials best impact absorbing on these Country Pursuit boots. EVA midsole and Ortholite insole offer long-lasting cushioning so that your steps are both muffled and comfortable. 

 Quiet tracking needs lightweight hunting boots. At 2.88 lbs/pair, these boots will keep you light on your feet..These leather stalking boots have a durable upper surface. You can travel through thick undergrowth and focus only on the hunt thanks to the boot exterior. 

Thanks to the rubber outsole, there won’t be any slips or falls. You can move easily and quickly with great stealthiness. On high-wear areas like the toe and heel, there are rubber reinforcements for protection and durability.

These stalker boots have impressive waterproofness thanks to Guide Dry technology and gusseted tongue. Ankle fit and mesh linings are ideal for bird hunting on steep slopes for long hours.  

Keep in mind that these Guide Gear Country Pursuit Boots do not have any insulation. When you are sitting silent in a treestand or crouching down quietly, the lack of movement will really challenge you on cold morning hunts. With thick woolen socks, up to get the perfect fit.

4. Editor’s Choice: LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro Hunting Shoe

LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro Quiet Hunting Shoe

Surely you will fancy a pair of premium hunting boots built to stalk big game in silence. With LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro 1600G is a pair of premium boots designed for quiet, comfortable cold-weather hunts. 

Alphaburly Pro impresses from the ground up. Its Alpha Construction handcrafts natural rubber over neoprene. The resulting bootie offers complete waterproofness and insulation whether you are stalking prey or stand hunting. For those extreme winter mornings, Alphaburly Pro has 1600GThinsulate Insulation. The best part? None of these will slow you down!

With heel slippage, you can rarely sneak up on game. Alphaburly Pro’s Active Fit contours the ankles so that there is no sliding inside the boots. There is also a rear gusset to adjust the fit of these knee-high boots around your calves and clothing. 

These boots have killer features underfoot too. High-wear areas like the heel, toe, and instep have rubber reinforcements for durability and support. The Burly Pro rubber outsole is designed especially for cold conditions. With optimal grip, there will be no slipping or falling to alert your prey. The slanted lugs will unload anything that grabs onto the sole so that you can be agile. 

Walking with Alphaburly Pro is similar to walking on clouds! On those long-day treks through mountains, the EVA midsole and EVA footbed will cushion your every step. To keep you slow and steady on the last few yards of a stalk, Alphaburly Pro uses a nylon shank. 

Paired with its camo look, these 18” Alphaburly Pro boots with 1600G insulation will really hide you in the wilderness. However, at 5.5 lbs/pair they are the heaviest shoes on our list.

5. Best Lightweight Hunting Boots: Danner Men’s Vital Insulated 800g Hunting Shoes

There is no alternative to a pair of quiet, comfortable hunting boots to boost your stalking game. You can take the right “stealthy” step by opting for the 800G Insulated Danner Vital Men’s Hunting Shoes. 

When stalking prey over long distances, comfort is key. For days like these, Danner 800G Vitals is built for long-lasting comfort. Polyurethane footbed is paired with a “hike” Plyolite EVA midsole to cushion your feet on every surface. There is also a nylon shank to lend stability and support the arch. The resulting lightweight underfoot boot foundation makes Vital a great all-around boot.  

For durable, flexible performance Vital has been crafted with leather and textile. Internally, varying thick foam panels will make both on-and-off trail hikes blister-proof. 

The “lock-and-load” lacing conforms these boots conform to your feet. Even though thick underbrush, you can quietly and safely sneak up on game. Danner Vital’s athletic style fit will prevent any heel slippage. On those extended hikes, this 8” boot offers considerable ankle support to cover a lot of ground.

However, water and other elements can get inside through the boot opening.

Vital’s rugged, hiking outsole will keep you sure-footed on any terrain. With quiet, quick precision you can avoid dry branches snapping under your feet. This can really make those final yards of a stalk count.  

Like the best hunting boots, Danner Vital is waterproof. The dryness and warmth of 800G insulation are ideal for your feet in wintry conditions. However, this does not make these boots heavy or bulky. Mesh liner prevents sweat build-up for cool comfort.

6. Best For Off Trail Hunting In Extreme Cold: Lacrosse Aerohead 18in 7mm Hunting Boot

Lacrosse Aerohead 18in 7mm Hunting Boot

The second pair of AeroHead Sport in our quietest hunting boots list has an 18” shaft and 7mm neoprene insulation on Realtree MAX-5 camo look. While rubber boots are usually stiff –  LaCrosse AeroHead is more flexible, quiet, and comfortable for hunting in any whitetail terrain. 

AeroHead Sport has a polyurethane-over-neoprene construction. This creates a boot shell that is not only lightweight but fits around your feet like a glove. By insulating your steps, these scent-free LaCrosse boots will help you move around quietly. A hunting boot that keeps you undetected will offer an extra edge no matter how you hunt. 

You will embrace stalking through swamps and marshes thanks to the waterproof construction of these silent LaCrosse boots.  

At first glance, these 18” camo boots will look bulky. Despite this, these AeroHead boots are comfortable from the word go. It starts with the thoroughly padded, contouring EVA footbed and PU midsole. This thick cushioning also acts as underfoot insulation. Paired with the 7mm insulating neoprene lining, you can track game for hours even in extreme cold.  

An ill-fitting boot will make noise to drive away your prey. AeroHead Sport bootie lends an athletic feel thanks to Active Fit. Locked heels will add stability without compromising flex. There is an integrated arch shank to keep stress off the ankles and calves during steep climbs too.

Stability is added by a high-traction, premium rubber outsole too. On uneven ground, you can stay upright and track prey. The non-loading tread pattern gets rid of mud and mayhem for agility. These taller, more insulated AeroHead Sport clogs can be your perfect ultra-quiet hunting companion.

7. Best Quiet Hunting Boots For Women: Muck Boots Hale Multi-Season Women’s Rubber Boot

These Muck Hale Multi-Season Rubber Boots are the only hunting boots you will ever need. They boast a versatile design that will serve you well on hunts and every other purpose a boot is needed for. 

Remember that these boots are designed especially for women. The neoprene bootie and its contoured footbed will wrap around your narrow heels, high arches, and calves for the perfect fit. Standing 13” tall, Muck Hale Snow boots will offer adequate ankle support to chase big game on hilly, uneven ground. Without any blisters or twisted ankles, your chances of landing a trophy will be increased. 

To make the Muck Hale Snow Boots super comfortable, an EVA midsole has been added too. With exceptional cushioning, you can advance with silence. 

On the final yards of a stalk, you may choose to go barefooted. These Muck boots feature a pull-on tab for swift and quiet removal on the go. As you are about to line up the final shot, this will act to your advantage. 

“Muck” Hale boots live up to their name. A customised, non-loading, wrap-around rubber outsole will offer optimal traction and stability on wet mud and snow. Any muck that gathers underneath will be shed off automatically. You can be lightweight and quick on your feet without alerting game. 

Wet boots are both noisy and uncomfortable. The Muck Hale bootie is fully waterproof, without any exceptions. 4mm neoprene will also help regulate body temperature in subfreezing conditions. However, thick woolen socks should be used for treestand hunting.  

On warmer days, interior mesh linings will remove sweat. This is often used in athletic gear.

What Important Factors Should You Consider When Buying Hunting Boots?


To deal with wet conditions, rubber hunting boots are ideal. Your feet are going to be both dry and warm. In addition, rubber is scent-free and will add in the stealth factor needed to hunt deers. Sometimes polyurethane rubber is molded over neoprene to create ultra-quiet hunting boots. They are built for stalk-hunting and will let you sneak up for the perfect kill shot. You can go for leather hunting boots too if your preference is durability. 

If your hunt is able to see you – chances are you will miss out on a kill. The best hunting boots will help you blend in the wild with camouflage prints on them. You will be able to avoid detection whether you are stalking or stand hunting. This is a common feature on rubber hunting boots. 


The best hunting boots will be comfortable no matter how much you walk on them. You shouldnt be discouraged from landing trophy just because you have to stalk your prey over long distances. Look for boots that use shock-absorbing materials like EVA foam or Ortholite. They will provide excellent comfort and soften your steps. When the midsole will have a shank, these boots will have added stability which will reduce the chances of ankle rolling. 

Keep a lookout for breathable mesh linings that will prevent your feet from sweating. 


The best hunting boots should offer sufficient traction so that you do not slip on ice, snow, mud etc. Otherwise, you will not only miss out on trophy but seriously hurt yourself too. Take a look at the material and tread pattern used on the outsole. Aggressive, slanted rubber lugs will help maintain your balance on slippery and rugged terrains. These non-loading outsoles are just what you need on the perfect stalking boots for stability and stealth.   


Knee-high hunting boots will ensure that your ankles are supported and do not rollover. The best hunting boots will go above your ankles and are taller than 8”. You will want the extra stability hunting in the mountains. On top of this, tall hunting boots will keep out natural elements. 


With heavy boots, every step you take will use up more energy and result in fatigue. This will hold you back on long-distance stalks over challenging terrain. A pair of lightweight hunting boots are the perfect platforms to keep your feet energized. By staying light on your feet, you can venture miles on the pursuit for game. You will appreciate the agility of best lightweight hunting boots as they wont slow you down.

Boot insulation has a direct correlation to weight. The amount of insulation you need depends on the hunting season and has been mentioned below:

  • Uninsulated / 200G Insulation : Best for late summer, fall
  • 400G to 800G Insulation: Great for mid-season 
  • 1000G or above Insulation: Extra protection is ideal for winter weather 

Take care so that insulation does not weigh you down when you need to be moving constantly. 


Without a good fit, hunting boots are useless. To ensure the best fit, try on your hunting boots in the evening and with socks on. The perfect-fitting hunting boots will wrap snugly around your ankle. This way there will be adequate support for your ankles and your feet. Popular lacing systems like  “lock and load” are perfect because they allow a secure and comfortable fit. Without any sliding inside the boots, your footsteps will be quieter too.


It is very likely that you will come across water bodies while hunting. Your wet boots aren’t meant for stalking your hunt. The best hunting boots will be waterproof so that you do not return home empty-handed. Neoprene or treated leather are the best options for waterproof performance. Double-stitched seams or chemically bonding inside will also keep your boots dry.

hunting with gun wearing quiet boot
Hunting With Gun Wearing Quiet Boot

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to break in my hunting boots?

To make hunting boots quiet, manufacturers often add more support for the heels, arches etc. The stiff construction will prevent your boots from forming to your feet immediately. So try to wear your boots as much as possible before heading into the wild with them. This will stretch the boot material so that your feet are snug. The sole/footbed of your boots will also be able to conform to your foot’s shape. 

What is the difference between Men’s and Women’s Hunting Boots?

Women hunters should avoid using men’s boots because of the different foot anatomy. Typically women have narrow heels and higher arches compared to men. The feet size is usually smaller for women too. Another distinguishable feature would be that women’s hunting boots are usually colorful. 

How to walk quietly with hunting boots?

To avoid making noises while hunting, try to walk “heel-to-toe”. This will allow you to retract in case leaves and sticks get under your boots. You can pull back when you misstep too. Walking heel-to-toe will muffle your footsteps as you guide along the hunting trail. Try to step on the quietest, softest spots.

Verdict On Quiet Hunting Boots

The hunting shoes reviewed in this article are the quietest options for your feet. To ensure that your focus is on the hunt only, these best stalking boots for hunts are also comfortable. Other features like traction, height, weight, fit, and waterproofing should be considered on the best hunting boots based on your hunting style, when you are hunting, and where you are hunting. Go through our quiet hunting boot reviews to get the quietest, most comfortable best hunting boots for your next hunt.

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