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Silonn Ice Maker Review

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Reviewed by: Olivia Jordan // Last Updated: August 1, 2023

With over 20,000 5 star ratings, the Silonn Ice Maker is an extremely popular choice for a countertop ice maker. But does it live up to the hype?

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The Good

  • Extremely fast ice cube creation, 9 cubes ready in less than 6 minutes
  • Huge 2 liter capacity is enough for any size household
  • Super quiet operation, less than 35 decibels (a whisper)
  • Self cleaning and portable for anywhere ice

The Bad

  • Made in China. We wish this was made in America. 
  • Customer Service has been flagged as an issue, but buying from Amazon should protect you.
  • Pricing is inconsistent - if it's under $110 go for it!

Our Expert's Take

"The Silonn Ice Maker is a top choice if you want quick ice, at a fantastic price. In addition to the large capacity, the Silonn Ice Maker is self cleaning, extremely quiet, and weighs only 26 lbs, and is portable. You can't really go wrong with this ice maker when comparing it against other non-commercial ice cube makers."

Check Best Price on Amazon

"What a pretty, quiet, easy to use machine. Six minutes and I have ice cubes, the larger size are perfect. All day long, we go to this machine first. I have ice makers in my fridges, but my go to is this...."

Herzuki HerzukiAwesome!

"I just set it up this morning and it has been working amazing! Already got two full baskets of ice. Make sure to let it do it’s auto rinse or do a manual clean before using!"

Suong Le Suong LeWorks Great!

"Been using almost constantly (other than when I clean it) for two months or so. It puts out cubes every 6-7 minutes, and yes, if you leave the ice in it it will start to melt and the water drips back down into the water reservoir to be reused again to make more ice"

Just LouieJust LouieVery good at it's job!

"...I love, love, love this little ice machine!! It makes ice so fast! I just add water to the inside and turn it on and let it do its thing. The ice is wet at first, but that is ok. It will stop when the ice is at the top but is not full, but who cares I just push the ice cubes forward and it starts making ice again..."

Rosemarie LockettRosemarie LockettPERFECT!!!

"After reading all the reviews and checking prices, I chose this and bought it used. It looked like it was new. I use it all the time with my shaved ice machine to make my own slurpees (I’m addicted) It’s paid for itself in the money I’ve saved."

CyndeeZCyndeeZAffordable Option!
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